Mobile Remapping Services


If you’d like Xtreme Tuning to remap your vehicle but cannot get to our branch in Birmingham, we’ll gladly come to you.

We offer a mobile remapping service, covering West Midlands and surrounding geographical areas. Wherever you are located, in Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton even as far as Bromsgrove or Redditch,  we have a team of Xxreme Tuning technician’s ready to come to you!

Remapping is  a ‘non invasive’  process, (which means that we don’t need to dismantle or replace any of your engine components.) Our  technicians just connect your vehicles’s ECU into a laptop, making it easy to conduct your remapping at your home, workplace or place of business.


When our technician arrives at your establishment, the existing software is downloaded from your ECU, onto our technicians laptop, then transferred online to our workshop for further analysis. The rewritten software created, (based on your specific requirements), is immediately sent back to the technician for installation.

Dependant on what remapping service you required us to focus on, (for example, performance software or fuel economy), this is the area we will focus on. Similarly, we can are able to create a bespoke version based on our ‘Eco Recalibration’ service. Within two hours, your remapping is complete enabling you to enjoy the benefits immediately.

We ensure to provide exact bespoke software for you based on your requirements, rather than an off the shelf version.


We’re careful to create software that your car can safely cope with. For example, when increasing power and performance, we’d ensure the engine settings on your new ECU software were within the parameters of what your engine, transmission and exhaust system could cope with.

Furthermore, we always retain your original ‘factory settings’ software properly labelled and archived in case you should ever require your vehicle’s original ECU software to be restored.

  • ECU remapping.
  • Speed limiter removal.
  • Vmax.
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) deletion.
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) off – software deletion only.


Whether you’d like to book a remap, or require impartial advice on our remapping services, your first step is to speak to one of our professionally trained technicians. Get in touch with us today. Complete the query form below and one of our technicians will be in touch with you.

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Yes. Very important. A remapping counts as a vehicle modification.

When conducting remapping services, we only ever work within the possible vehicle parameters possible. Generally, vehicle remapping is designed to improve the drivability of the vehicle, and not just outright engine power.

Yes certainly! Prior to conducting the remap, we create a backup of the original ‘factory’ ECU software settings and retain it, in case a customer may want their vehicle returned back to its original state at a later date.