ECU Remapping Services


Remapping is designed to improve performance and economy of your vehicle overall. Our expert team at Xtreme Tuning in Birmingham, have a wealth of experience in providing remaps for a variety of vehicle types.

Whether your vehicle is 5 years or even a decade or two old, your vehicle will likely be fitted with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This is the ‘brain’ of your vehicle, which controls various engine functions such as fuel mixture, ignition timing and turbo boost pressure. These, (where fitted) pre-set functions are programmed into the vehicle at the factory, prior to sale.

Pre-programmed, or ‘one size fits all’ factory settings, are structured to ensure vehicles meet a range of emission standards. These parameters depend on where the vehicles are sold, such as ensuring a vehicle can withstand extreme conditions, or high or low temperatures, in addition to variations in fuel quality and other variables.


Xtreme Tuning are responsible remapping specialists highly experienced in creating bespoke ECU remaps for many vehicle types. Call now to discuss your needs.

  • Stress-free remapping services.
  • Wide selection of popular vehicles expertise.
  • On-site, and off-site remapping available, trusted by a community.
  • We maintain your vehicle to stay safe on the road
  • We know how to handle a wide range of remapping services.


Whether you want to prioritise performance or fuel economy, Xtreme Tuning can provide a remapping solution, tailor made to suit your needs.

Prior to remapping your vehicle, our techinicians utilize our specialist diagnostic equipment, to determine diagnostics of your vehicle’s ECU,  how your vehicle is presently performing. Findings are analysed before we upload the new software to your ECU, with new settings parameters, all within two hours, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. 

The new software our engineers load onto your ECU, is created especially for your vehicle, based on your needs. We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ copy of software for your vehicle type. We provide a unique ‘bespoke’ service.

Remember, we can come to you so you can benefit from improved performance without having to take time out of your schedule, and we guarantee your satisfaction. 


Whether you’d like to book a remap, or require impartial advice on our remapping services, your first step is to speak to one of our professionally trained technicians. Get in touch with us today. Complete the query form below and one of our technicians will be in touch with you.

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Yes. Very important. A remapping counts as a vehicle modification.

When conducting remapping services, we only ever work within the possible vehicle parameters possible. Generally, vehicle remapping is designed to improve the drivability of the vehicle, and not just outright engine power.

Yes certainly! Prior to conducting the remap, we create a backup of the original ‘factory’ ECU software settings and retain it, in case a customer may want their vehicle returned back to its original state at a later date.