vcds Accessing the hidden 3G MMI Menu

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There are several fora and websites which give info on how to access the hidden menu to activate other nice features however I found that the most widely publicised method didn’t appear to work for me so after some googling and lots of reading I found an owner called Mike with a similar issue who had found a different method which he’s kindly shared and I thought I post here for all in case you want it and to save searching.

Firstly the secret menu must be enabled with VCDS beforehand.

[5F – Information Electr.]
[Adaptation – 10] -> Channel 6 -> Change 0 to 1
Save and Exit.

Next –

Press/Release car (turns red)
Press/Release setup (turns red)
Press/Hold car & setup at same time for approx 6 seconds (setup button red light goes out)
Release both buttons then press setup again.

To exit the Hidden Menu you need to restart the MMI –

Press and hold down the function keys (Setup), the control button (Joystick centre button) and the control key at the top right simultaneously until the MMI system shuts down. Release the keys and the MMI system reboots.